Fermentrics™ is pleased to announce that it has been contracted by Cainthus Inc. to examine the interaction between cow eating behaviour and forage quality. Through the use of Cainthus' machine vision/ai, work is now being conducted to demonstrate on a per cow basis the measurable impact of forage selection on feed intake.

vAipr trail

Fermentrics™ is introducing a new concept in fermentation analysis, gas finger printing using artificial intelligence. vAipr trail will allow Fermentrics to rapidly predict the outcome of fermentation and isolate the effects of additives in during the fermentation process.

Why? When a sample is run using the vAIpr trail system, it will be able to predict the evolution of gas production and pinoint the effects that additives have on the sample in question. Resulting in rapid analysis and valuable diagnostic information for the end client.

UPDATE Real Time - CH4, C02 & pH

Knowing what happens to digestion over 48 hours is of great value, add in rates life gets better. One still has a problem in that measured gas levels represent both C02 and CH4. Given that these two gases represent different fermentation pathways, and that they result in different energy levels, knowledge on when and how they are produced is valuable. Please contact Jay Johnston for availability.

Up in the cloud...

Fermentrics™ is breaking new ground in fermentation analysis, our in-house analytics engine is going up in the cloud. The migration of Fermentrics to the cloud will allow our gas sensors the ability to process and report live data to our clients.

CH4 & C02

We are pleased to announce that in the coming weeks we will be providing out clients with the option to monitor CH4 and C02 our custom designed and manufactured sensor equipment.

Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Fermentrics™ Advisory Board, comprised of top industry and academic professionals. The advisory board will provide insight into the Fermentrics™ solution set and future development.

Fermentrics analysis has been commercially available to nutritionists in North America for just over 18 months. In that time, thousands of feedstuffs and TMR samples have been analyzed for analytes such as rates of carbohydrate digestion and yield of microbial biomass. These data have helped nutritionists better understand digestion kinetics of feeds in herds with excellent performance and as a diagnostic tool to fine-tune rations in herds struggling for production.
To further enhance the accuracy, precision and field utility of Fermentrics, Fermentrics Technologies Inc. and Dairyland Laboratories organized and convened the first meeting of the Fermentrics Advisory Board on March 9th. Members of the Fermentrics advisory board include:

  • Jay Johnston, President, RFS Technologies
  • Dave Taysom, Director, Dairyland Laboratories;
  • Fred Owens - Research scientist, Pioneer, A DuPont Business
  • Dan Illg – Technical Service Manager, Standard Nutrition
  • Dave Kelbert – Consulting nutritionist and veterinarian
  • Bill Seglar – Nutritionist and veterinarian, Pioneer, a DuPont Business
  • Marty Faldet – Consulting nutritionist, GPS Dairy Consulting, LLC.
  • Chris Wacek-Driver – Forage Program Manager, Vita Plus
  • Keith Agnew – Business Development Director, United Feeds (Ireland)

Discussion topics included updating the Fermentrics Interpretation document available on the Fermentrics ( and Dairyland ( to help improve analyte understanding and clarify that TMR target values for reported parameters were developed from field experience with a limited number of herds and geographies. A plan was advanced to mine Fermentrics data to better correlate key parameters to cow performance.
Further discussion centered on mechanics of the analyses including topics such as turnaround time and use of blanks and/or standards to monitor incubation consistency. Potential experiments were also discussed to help refine measurement and interpretation of reported parameters such as microbial biomass yield.

Any nutritionist or producer utilizing Fermentrics analysis is also encouraged to share ideas, concerns or additional parameters with these advisory board members. The advisory board plans frequent teleconferences and face-to-face meetings at key industry meetings such as American Dairy Science scheduled for this July in Phoenix.